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Imran Shakha
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- September 26th 2017

imran shakha

Hi, This is me Imran Shakha. Currently I work as a supply chain manager in BSRM. Although I completed my graduation major in finance and MBA at finance as well from Independent University. But I am more interested in management. I have an extreme interest in Supply Chain Management and Project Management. I also have a professional certificate in Project Management. I have enough desire to do something and passion for social change-making ideas, research, and training. Being a supply chain manager I always try my best for the company to accomplish or gain its goal. I also work with many social service organization as voluntary work. I felt very happy by helping others. I am a friendly and outgoing person. I like being around people and can easily find a good topic to strike up a conversation and I am also a thoughtful person. I always pay attention to details and can perceive people’s needs before they ask for help. Last but not least, I value always being on time. For me, being on time means being polite. So I always arrive early no matter if it’s an appointment or a meeting and I always plan my days and make sure I get the most important things done early. I always try to be the best version of myself. Besides all, I like travelling. Travelling to different places is one of my hobbies. I travel so many countries among them Vatican City, Rome, Istanbul, Shanghai is my favorite city.